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My involvement in VPCCL started back in 1998 when I used to play indoor cricket at Hackney Community College. A team mate invited me to play for a league match as they were short of a player. I was intrigued by this league, specifically the format of the game and agreed to play for them. It was for a team named ‘Mola Jutt’. 

We won the match comfortably. The match Captain (AKA Shakil) asked me if I would like to play regularly which I was more than happy to say yes to. Since that day I never looked backed. I have played some of my most memorable matches within this league over the years. In 2003 I became captain of the team and changed the name of the team to ‘Sky’.  Our record in this league speaks for itself. I have had a good run and still going strong. Although I am no longer captain of this team for many years now, but I am still considered as one of the core player of the team. I have taken the title as a senior player within this team and league.  Most recently I joined the league’s committee via an introduction from George as a Treasurer. After all these years of playing in this league, I still look forward to the season. Over the years I have made many friends and made many memories within this league and hope to continue for many more years.

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Firoz was introduced to the VPCCL back in 2009 as a reserve player for Masiha CC. Afterwards, he  decided to form his own team Junoon CC the following season. Following that Firoz got more involved with the league and then eventually joined the committee as an officer. When Junoon were disbanded Firoz played for several other clubs until he was approached by a cricketing friend and decided to form a brand new club...Phoenix All Stars CC, which is currently running successfully.




I've been involved in the VPCCL since 2001, initially with a team called Valance CC. After a hiatus due to a lower back injury, I returned to cricket in 2016, co-founding Millwall CC with Mafizur Rahman. In 2021, 1 established my own team, Stepney Royals, and have been participating in various formats, including the VPCCL.


Fixtures secetary / Media and photogrpaher


I have been involved with the league for 6 years as a non-player but a photographer and writer for the local press. 

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​I started playing in the VPCCL with the Crossrail Cricket Club in 2013 before becoming skipper in 2016. We disbanded in 2018, and with a few other players formed Phoenix All Stars in 2019. I joined the committee at the end of 2018 and look after all things equipment; balls, stumps, the lockup, keys etc. On the pitch I’ve turned into a less talented Mark Ealham.

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Liaison with LBTH / Safeguarding


Arif Ahmed has played in the league for over twenty years, captaining Millwall, leading them to the 2018 title. Millwall changed names to Anirban, for which he is still the leader. 




Arthur played for Homerton and has been involved in the league for over ten years. His father played in the original league side Chats Palace, who later became Homerton. 


Monitoring officer


Colin has been apart of the league for over 30 years, having played consistently throughout the league for various sides till his retirement. Colin, a regular fixture on most nights, now monitors the matches on behalf of the committee. 




Soyfur is a cricket coach who has played across the league for a wide range teams, before his main side London Sportif joined the league, Soyfur was a regular with Sky, helping his team win the Vandermark cup in 2022. 

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