2020 Anirban (Millwall)

2019 Super Rangers

2018 Millwall
2017 Rose & Crown
2016 Technosys
2015 Sky
2014 Dynamite Ducks
2013 Dynamite Ducks
2012 Dynamite Ducks
2011 Sky
2010 East London Community
2009 The Ducks (became Dynamite Ducks)
2008 Goodmayes
2007 Sky
2006 East End Cavaliers & Victoria Park Juniors (shared)
2005 Traditional Corsairs
2004 Tower Ravens
2003 Sky (Mola Jutt)
2002 Mola Jutt & Pacific (shared)
2001 Mola Jutt
2000 Newham A
1999 Hackney Grasshoppers
1998 Mola Jutt
1997 Globetown
1996 Globetown
1995 Millwall
1994 Tower Hamlets Nalgo (became Rose & Crown)
1993 Dover Castle
1992 Tower Hamlets Nalgo
1991 Bow Neighbourhood


2020 Royal Tigers (replaced with a one-off super cup)

2019 Sky

2018 London Tigers
2017 Safe Skills
2016 Technosys
2015 Tower Hamlets
2014 Sky
2013 Chinatown
2012 London Tigers (non-league)
2011 Safe Skills (non-league)
2010 Contenders
2009 The Ducks
2008 Goodmayes
2007 Sky
2006 Traditional Corsairs (non-league)
2005 Sky (Mola Jutt)
2004 Sleek (Hackney Falcons)
2003 Dover Castle
2002 Hackney Falcons (non-league)
2001 Mola Jutt
2000 Mola Jutt
1999 Mola Jutt
1998 Mola Jutt
1996 Pacific

The Victoria Park Community Cricket League  was formed in 1988 to provide a wide range of people with access to competitive cricket. Some are decidedly more competitive than others, but the aim is that games are played in a friendly and welcoming spirit. Anyone, regardless of ability, is most welcome. To find out how to enter a team for our league or cup competitions contact the chairman here...

We play here...

Based in Victoria Park in east London, we play two competitions, the league and a knock-out cup. The league is played in three divisions, selected from preliminary games at the start of the season (see the fixtures box for more details).

Trophies are awarded for winning each division and of course, there is the cup.

Matches are 8-a-side and 16 overs per innings, max four overs per bowler, batsmen retiring at 50. The batting side umpires -- meaning it's very important teams play in the Spirit of the Game (for more details see the Rules page).

All matches are played Monday to Thursday evenings, starting between 6 and 6:30 pm. We appreciate that some sides have difficulty getting to the park on time, what with inconvenient things like jobs, but if you don't start by 6.30 at the latest, you do lose the light at the start and end of the season and will have to play a shortened game.

All match balls are provided by the League and paid for out of your league fees.

Contact Us

Email: vpcclsecretary @gmail.com


2016 Technosys
2009 The Ducks
2008 Goodmayes
2007 Sky
2001 Mola Jutt (became Sky)
1998 Mola Jutt




THE 100 CLUB (retiring at 50 rule, 2003)

2006: 103 - Aleem Hussain (Sky)

2009: 100 - Amir Khan (Caledonian Conquerors) 

2018: 103 - Sanj Gunewardene (Mile Tailenders)

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*note many photographs on this website were taken before Covid social distancing rules


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