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A. Title
The name of the League shall be Victoria Park Community Cricket League.

B. Purpose
B1. The purpose of the League shall be to organise cricket on an agreed format (as
agreed on the AGM/General meeting) for clubs of the League, with the object of
playing club cricket in the spirit of the game as it now exists.
B2. In particular, the League shall encourage:
a. co-operation with the LBTH and any other body having similar objectives to the
b. co-operation with the provision of assistance and advice to Clubs on any matter
affecting the interests of the Clubs and the League;
c. consideration of any means of promoting the best interests of the League;
d. promotion of high standards of behaviour and conduct on and off the field of play;
B3. Cricket shall be played under the current Laws of Cricket issued by the MCC
( ) and to the Rules and Playing
Conditions specific to this League and Cup Competition as passed and amended by
the league from time to time.
C. Organisation
C1. Composition
a. The League shall consist of clubs whose ground is considered for cricketing
purposes to be in Victoria Park (London Borough of Tower Hamlet)
b. Clubs can be expelled on the grounds of any displinary reason.

C2. Officers and Management Committee
a. The officers of the League shall be the Chairman, the Secretary, the Results
Secretary, The fixture Secretary, Honourable Treasurer, Safeguarding &
Disciplinary officer, Media & Web office, and non-executive officers.
b. The Officers shall be indemnified by the Clubs against all costs incurred when
acting on behalf of the League.
c. The Officers may submit proposals to any General Meeting of the League provided
that at least two weeks ‘notice has been given in writing to the Clubs.

d. The Officers is elected to implement and interpret the Constitution of the League.
In the event of any dispute, the matter shall be referred for arbitration to the Officers
whose decision, by a simple majority vote of all its members, shall be final.
e. The alteration or suspension of the League’s Constitution can only take place with
the approval of Clubs, at the AGM, the Spring Meeting or at a Special General
Meeting, and shall require the support of at least two thirds of the Clubs present and
voting. Abstention shall not count as voting.
f. The Officers shall meet as necessary and will be responsible for the governance of
the League within the framework of the Constitution and shall have the power to deal
with any matter not covered by the Constitution and/or any disagreement as to its
g. The Officers of the League will normally come from different Clubs.

C3. Meetings
a. The AGM shall normally take place on the last Sunday in January each year or on
such other date the Officers shall determine. The AGM shall transact the annual
business of the League including:
i. election of Officers (every three years)
ii. adoption of the Annual Accounts, the fixing of the Annual Subscription, fines and
any other charges;
iii. entries into, or withdrawals from, membership
iv. any special items submitted in writing to the Secretary by a Club not later than
three weeks before the AGM
v. any matter proposed by the Officers
b. A Special General Meeting may be called at any time at the instigation of the
Officers or upon application to the Secretary in writing. Any such application must
bear the signatures of an official representative of at least 20 Clubs and shall clearly
state the motion or motions which it is required to submit to the Special General
Meeting. The meeting must take place within four weeks of the receipt of the
application and shall discuss only the motion or motions which are the subject of the
c. At General Meetings, each Club shall be represented by not more than two bona
fide members. Delegations in excess of two persons shall require the consent of the
d. The Chairman shall take the Chair at the AGM and at other General Meetings. If
the Chairman is not present, the meeting shall elect its own Chairman.
e. In addition to the AGM, there shall be a General Meeting in March or April of each
year; and at other times
f. The Secretary shall give all Clubs a minimum of two weeks’ notice in writing of
General Meetings. This notice shall include an agenda of the business to be
transacted, subject to the addition of any special items submitted

C4. Voting at General Meetings
a. Voting at General Meetings shall be on the basis of one vote per team in the
League during the season preceding the meeting in question. Clubs having more
than one vote shall cast those votes as a block and shall not split them. Any vote
exercisable by a club in respect of any side that leaves or is removed from the
League shall cease to be available to that club following the commencement of the
general business of the AGM at which such departure is confirmed.
b. A proposal to alter the Constitution may only be made either at the AGM, the
General Meeting or at a Special General Meeting called for that purpose
c. Any other proposal to alter the Constitution shall require the support of at least two
thirds of the Clubs present and voting. Abstention shall not count as voting.
d. In all other matters a simple majority shall be decisive.
f. In the event of a tied vote on such matters the Chairman of the meeting, who shall
not vote otherwise, shall cast the deciding vote.
C5. Entry into and withdrawal from the League
a. Any proposal that an existing Club shall withdraw or be expelled from the League
shall be made in writing to the Secretary not later than four weeks before the AGM
and the Club affected shall be informed immediately.
b. Voluntary withdrawal, or expulsion, from the League shall not take place until One
month have elapsed after the AGM at which the decision was taken. If a Club is
expelled from the League, the Secretary shall inform all members of the expulsion
and the reasons
c. New members shall apply via email to the secretary and this will be decided by the
officers of the League.
C6. Finance
a. Each Club shall be required to pay, on or before the 1st February each year or on
or before such later date as the Officers shall determine, an annual subscription to be
decided at the AGM.
b. The accounts for the year just ended shall be presented to members at each
Annual General Meeting.

D. Structure of the League
a. The League shall be organized into Divisions
b. Cup Competition will be drawn randomly from a hat
c. 16 overs per side
d. Batmen retire at 50 runs and can come back after the last wicket has fallen
e. Bowlers are permitted to bowl 4 over maximum in a 16 over game, if the game is
shorter then 16 overs then both Captains will make the decision.

f. The team’s name first in the fixture list on the day is deemed to be the home team.
h. Teams sheet must be shared before the Toss, including the name of the 12 th man
and highlighting anyone under the age of 18 years old.
i. Each inning should start from the end, where batsmen facing the VP Cricket nets
C. Method of awarding points as follows:
Win 10 Points
Loss 0 Points
Tie 5 Points
Abandoned 5 Points
Additional points
Batting points
40 runs = 1 points (every 40 runs scored is 1 point, 200 runs 5 points maximum)
Bowling points
2 wickets = 1 point (all out 5 points)
No Duckworth Lewis in play in the league.
D1. Officials
a. A registered Umpire can be provided by the league with a agreed cost
b. Each team will have at least two player in each game to act as an umpire and
who is
conversant with the Laws of Cricket and the Rules of the League.
c. A registered umpire to be paid a fee determined by the Officers

D2. Notification of results
a. For all matches, both Clubs shall notify the result of and other specified
information about each match to the person nominated by the League Officers for
that purpose. The notifications shall be in the form and format specified from time
to time by the Officers and shall be subject to the following deadlines –
 All matches – Within 48 hours of the match, each Club must notify its
match result (including both teams’ match scores and highlights) using
the method then specified by the Officers. Failure to comply with this
requirement will result in the offending Club incurring a fine and it will be
awarded zero points.

E. Eligibility of Players
E1. There will be pre-season player registration. Each team can register maximum of
20 players. Team membership is dated from the start of each season. A player is
deemed to be a member of the team for whom they first appear in the season.
E2. Paid and professional players
(a) Appearance fees for any player in any match is not permitted.
(b) Current professional players (international or paid club level) are not permitted to
participate in any match.

(c) Former professional players (international or paid club level) until five years since
their last.
E3. If a team starts a game with a side which includes one or more substitutes, for
example, if a player is late arriving; this must be declared in advance. Substitutes
cannot bat or bowl
E4. Contravention of the rules on eligibility of players may result in the deduction of
League points as a penalty.
E5. Only registered players are allowed to play in the Cup competition and they must
play 1 league game during the respective season prior to playing the Cup match.
F. Discipline
The ECB General Conduct and Discipline Regulations and Anti-Discrimination Code are
adopted by the League; and all Clubs are similarly required to adopt them.
The officers will follow the above guideline and the Rules of this league.

G. Responsibilities of Captains
` The Captain is responsible for all aspects of the conduct of his side including over
rates. If the Umpires feel that their advice in this matter is being wilfully ignored, the
captain of the fielding team may find his name included in the Umpires’ report for
possible disciplinary action (see Rule).
H. The Balls and Clothing
a. All players in any one team should wear matching colours, either traditional whites
or any colour other than that of the ball being used. Players must wear long trousers
whilst playing.
b. All cricket balls used in the League shall be of the type approved and supplied by
the League
c. The Home Club shall be responsible for supplying the ball.
d. The wearing of appropriate and matching kit, as set out above, is a means of
helping ensure the public users of the park are aware of the potential danger when
matches are in play.
e. One new ball shall be used at the start of each innings.
d. Metal-spiked shoes must not be worn by bowlers or batters in order to prevent
damage to the surface of the all-weather pitches
I. Equipment
a. Stumps & Scoreboard should be supplied by the home team, this is stored in the
locker at Vitoria Park. Once the match is finish, home team shall store them back.
b. Both teams shall provide one set of Cricket bails for the match

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