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A. Title
The name of the League shall be Victoria Park Community Cricket League.


B. Purpose

B1. The purpose of the League shall be to organise cricket on an agreed format (as agreed on
the AGM/General meeting) for clubs of the League, with the object of playing club cricket in
the spirit of the game as it now exists.


B2. In particular, the League shall encourage:
a. co-operation with the LBTH and any other body having similar objectives to the League;
b. consideration of any means of promoting the best interests of the League;
c. promotion of high standards of behaviour and conduct on and off the field of play; and


B3. Cricket shall be played under the current Laws of Cricket issued by the MCC
( ) and to the Rules and Playing Conditions
specific to this League and Cup Competition as passed and amended by the league from time
to time.


C. Organisation

C1. Composition

a. The League shall consist of clubs whose ground is considered for cricketing purposes to be
in Victoria Park (London Borough of Tower Hamlet)

b. Clubs can be expelled on the grounds of any disciplinary reason.

c. The Playing Rules of the League will be those approved by the AGM and published on the
League website. These Rules may only be amended at the AGM and by a simple majority
of clubs present.


C2. Officers and Management Committee

a. The officers of the League shall be the Chairman, the Secretary, the Results Secretary, The
fixture Secretary, Honourable Treasurer, Safeguarding & Disciplinary officer, Media & Web
officer, and non-executive officers.

b. The Officers may submit proposals to any General Meeting of the League provided that at
least two weeks ‘notice has been given in writing to the Clubs.

c. The Officers are elected to implement and interpret the Constitution of the League. In the
event of any dispute, the matter shall be referred for arbitration to the Officers whose
decision, by a simple majority vote of all its members, shall be final.

d. The alteration or suspension of the League’s Constitution can only take place with the
approval of Clubs, at the AGM, the Spring Meeting or at a Special General Meeting, and shall
require the support of at least two thirds of the Clubs present and voting. Abstention shall not
count as voting.

e. The Officers shall meet as necessary and will be responsible for the governance of the
League within the framework of the Constitution and shall have the power to deal with any
matter not covered by the Constitution and/or any disagreement as to its meaning.

f. The Officers of the League will normally come from different Clubs.

g. Minimum 5 members are required to form a quorum at meetings.

C3. Meetings

a. The AGM shall normally take place on the last Sunday in January each year or on such other
date the Officers shall determine. The AGM shall transact the annual business of the League

i. election of Officers, each to stay in position for three years (staggered manner) before
requiring re-election.

ii. adoption of the Annual Accounts, the fixing of the Annual Subscription, fines and any other

iii. entries into, or withdrawals from, membership

iv. any special items submitted in writing to the Secretary by a Club not later than three weeks
before the AGM

v. any matter proposed by the Officers

b. A Special General Meeting may be called at any time at the instigation of the Officers or
upon application to the Secretary in writing. Any such application must bear the signatures of
an official representative of 5 clubs playing the current or previous season and shall clearly
state the motion or motions which it is required to submit to the Special General Meeting.
The meeting must take place within four weeks of the receipt of the application and shall
discuss only the motion or motions which are the subject of the application.


c. At General Meetings, each Club shall be represented by not more than two bona fide
members. Delegations in excess of two persons shall require the consent of the Chairman.


d. The Chairman shall take the Chair at the AGM and at other General Meetings. If the
Chairman is not present, the meeting shall elect its own Chairman.


e. In addition to the AGM, there shall be a General Meeting in March or April of each year;
and at other times


f. The Secretary shall give all Clubs a minimum of two weeks’ notice in writing of General
Meetings. This notice shall include an agenda of the business to be transacted, subject to the
addition of any special items submitted


g. Minimum one third of clubs required to be present for meeting to be quorate

C4. Voting at General Meetings

a. Voting at General Meetings shall be on the basis of one vote per team in the League during
the season preceding the meeting in question. Clubs having more than one vote shall cast
those votes as a block and shall not split them. Any vote exercisable by a club in respect of any
side that leaves or is removed from the League shall cease to be available to that club
following the commencement of the general business of the AGM at which such departure is

b. A proposal to alter the Constitution may only be made either at the AGM, the General
Meeting or at a Special General Meeting called for that purpose

c. Any other proposal to alter the Constitution shall require the support of at least two thirds
of the Clubs present and voting. Abstention shall not count as voting.

d. In all other matters a simple majority shall be decisive.

f. In the event of a tied vote on such matters the Chairman of the meeting, who shall not vote
otherwise, shall cast the deciding vote.


C5. Entry into and withdrawal from the League

a. Any proposal that an existing Club shall withdraw or be expelled from the League shall be
made in writing to the Secretary not later than four weeks before the AGM and the Club
affected shall be informed immediately.

b. Voluntary withdrawal, or expulsion, from the League shall not take place until One month
have elapsed after the AGM at which the decision was taken. If a Club is expelled from the
League, the Secretary shall inform all members of the expulsion and the reasons

c. New members shall apply via email to the secretary and this will be decided by the officers
of the League.

C6. Finance

a. Each Club shall be required to pay, on or before the 1st February each year or on or before
such later date as the Officers shall determine, an annual subscription to be decided at a
General Meeting. Teams who have not paid their subscriptions in full by two weeks ahead of
the start of the season will not be allowed to take part in the League or Cup Competitions

b. The accounts for the year just ended shall be presented to members at each Annual
General Meeting.

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