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Summary  of the VPCCL

Rules & Guidance

Welcome to the VPCCL. Our games are governed by our Rules which can be found here. Please also note our Covid Protocols which can be found here.


Below is a summary of the Rules to use at a glance with some guidance to ensure the Rules are complied with. The Rules apply at all times.



1. The Laws of cricket apply.

2. Games last 16 overs unless reduced by agreement of the captains. It is an 8-a-side contest.


Before the Game starts

3. Stumps, scoreboards and notice boards are in the locker. Teams should have a key to access the locker.


4. Be aware of which pitch you are on.


5. The ball should be supplied by the Home team (check the fixtures). One ball per game.


6. All players should be wearing appropriate and matching cricketing attire (please wear trousers).


7. No spikes


8. Each team brings a set of bails to the match


9. Wides are not defined by the Rules. Captains should determine what is a wide before the match and ensure that all players

are aware. Wide lines are usually marked at the crease and can be used as a wide limit.


10. Bring a score sheet and have somebody able to complete it. A scorecard can be downloaded and printed from here.


11. Players should be prepared to umpire.


12. Captains should contact each other before the game and provide a list of players with correct spellings of names.


13. Captains may declare an innings complete.

In game

14. One bowler can bowl no more than 4 overs in a 16-over innings. Captains should reduce the number of overs a bowler bowls if the game is shortened (for example, to a maximum of 3 overs for each bowler if the innings is cut to 12 overs after a late start).

15. All innings start with the bowler bowling from the Nets end. The first 8 overs of an innings are completed from that end, without bowlers changing ends. The last 8 are completed from the other end.

16. No balls include any full toss (beamer) that passes the batsman above the waist, and, any ball that pitches and passes the batsman above the breastbone/sternum (bouncer).

17. Batsmen retire at 50, unless they are a guest player (from the same division or higher), in which the case retirement is at 25 runs. See rule 19 for when that player might be able to return to complete their innings.

After the Game

After the game

18. Scorecards (from both teams) and the result must be submitted to George Watson within 48 hours (there is a penalty for not complying). Scorecards must be of a sufficient standard and should show which team provided the ball.

19. Please put stumps, scoreboards and notices away in the locker.

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